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wedding photographer frankfurt am Main

6 good reasons why you should book a professional wedding photographer

Large wedding celebrations have become increasingly popular these days. Especially with a large number of guests, the corresponding costs for catering, location and much more are incurred. It's understandable that one or the other couple might think of letting uncle or aunt XY bring the camera along...

Nothing against the photographic talent of your relatives, but I would like to show you with the following points why a professional and exclusive wedding photographer is essential on your big day. Maybe there are also some arguments for you why he or she should even be very high on your list of priorities.

1. many years of experience in the process and documentation of weddings

As a wedding photographer, especially in the field of reportage, we accompany many weddings a year. We know all the processes and know very well what the components of a wedding ceremony are and which moments should not be missed on this day. To perfect the whole thing, we work hand in hand with the other service providers such as wedding speakers or wedding planners. Guests who are supposed to act as photographers at the same time cannot draw on this experience and therefore quickly run the risk of missing important moments. In retrospect, this is a great pity, because ideally this special day only happens in this form exactly once in a lifetime, and especially with non-existent pictures, there is a lot to regret in retrospect in such cases. With our experience, we also know a lot of the service providers already by now, so there is a good chance that we will form a great experienced team on this day.

Happiness cannot be travelled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. It is the spiritual.

2. technical, know-how & professional equipment

Professional photographers have professional equipment consisting of a variety of lenses and, for safety's sake, at least one second camera. On the one hand, this guarantees perfect technical realisation and, on the other hand, a certain guarantee for a flawless reportage of the day.

In no other area of photography is it so important to be able to react quickly and professionally to different situations. Especially on days when the sun and clouds constantly alternate (e.g. at a free wedding ceremony), the photographer needs to be able to react quickly from a technical point of view. The photographer must have perfect control of his equipment in order to be able to expose quickly and well in such situations. This is the only way to achieve a beautiful reportage in a harmonious colour style. In addition, the photographer can advise you in advance when the best time and where the best location is, for example, for a bridal shoot, and how you can best integrate the whole thing into your schedule. Of course, a photographer is by no means a substitute for a wedding planner, but he or she can optimally assess the schedule for a certain number of guests through experience,

3. creative end result and professional image editing

I don't want to claim that amateur photographers can't take good pictures, but we deal with photographic techniques, compositions and implementation possibilities full-time. Of course, we are always striving to develop ourselves further. This also applies to the final processing, which we are constantly optimising through further training. In addition, there are always trends in image styles and colour schemes, which we always keep up to date with, because it is our vocation.

4. professional images and image transfer

You will receive a fully comprehensive wedding reportage that will allow you to relive the day whenever you look at it afterwards.

The task of a reportage photographer is to capture the many unnoticed and authentic moments of your wedding and thus tell your personal story. This includes congratulations including tears of joy, toasting the guests, documenting speeches and much more. While you are looking at your wedding reportage, you will often look at pictures and realise that at that moment you did not even realise that you were being photographed. Your guests will certainly feel the same way. These small moments are simply worth their weight in gold for bridal couples and are only possible because there is a professional photographer on the day who takes on no other task than this.

In our case, you will receive your images in two ways. Firstly, you get a professional online gallery where you can view, share and download your own wedding photos in a relaxed way. Through these online galleries, your guests will also be able to download pictures that they are in. Experience has shown that this is a service that is very much appreciated by all guests and, in addition (with appropriate communication in advance), also prevents guests from standing at your wedding all day with their smartphones in their hands. In addition to the gallery, you will also receive a USB stick in a handmade wooden box containing all the retouched images in high resolution and websize. This is usually also where the bride and groom shoot and/or getting-ready pictures are located, which may not be intended for your guests.

5. the guests should be allowed to be guests on the day

Invited guests at your wedding should be allowed to remain guests, celebrate with you and enjoy the day. If a guest is turned into a wedding service provider, this usually has a negative impact on both. Because he or she is then not only busy with the camera for a large part of the time and feels responsible for enabling you to take beautiful pictures. Most of the time, however, it also leads to the fact that exactly this guest is missing from the group photos or is usually not in any photo at all. That would be a shame, wouldn't it?

6. a reliable and professional service provider exclusively at your side

We wedding photographers do not replace an external wedding planner, but as photographers we are also on site as exclusive supporters on the day. Through our experience, the bridal couples also have the opportunity to contact us at any time on their big day with questions or for tips. Our job is to make sure you get the most beautiful, authentic and romantic photos of you as a bride and groom! We know what looks good in pictures and guide you accordingly. In case of breakdowns (which has never happened to us in all our years!) we also have a professional network of service providers that we can recommend and who can even stand in for us in an emergency.

If you would like to request me as a photographer for your wedding, we look forward to hearing from you via our contact form.

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