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Basically, I am happy about every request. I especially like it when couples send me a picture. As a photographer, it is important for me to be able to implement different styles. This means that I adapt my image processing to the style of the wedding. I deliberately didn't commit myself to one style, because I really appreciate the diversity of my profession. Because wedding photography is very versatile! That's what motivates me every time, because I like to adapt to styles and colours again and again. Although I personally like boho-style weddings very much, fineart, urban and royal also have their charm. Mediterranean and vintage weddings (e.g. barn weddings) also suit many couples. If the wedding style suits the bride and groom, this is the best prerequisite for a successful day. That is always the most important thing, because then the celebration becomes really authentic.

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If your date is still available, I will gladly send you our comprehensive price document. In the PDF you will find all the necessary information on packages, options and prices. This will give you a concrete idea of our services. If your desired package is included, we will be happy to arrange a zoom appointment for precise planning.



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