Wedding Photographer Frankfurt

My photography career (Lea) was already shaped in my early childhood by my two grandfathers, who were both in the photo and film business. Even as a teenager, I had a few digital cameras that I loved to use to take pictures of my friends. Back then, I regularly sat up until dawn working on Photoshop and other graphics programmes. Often I totally forgot the time to discover and try out different editing styles. Today I am even more aware that I really made the right career choice, because I still love editing today. And when I'm taking pictures, I'm completely in my element anyway. When I'm taking pictures, I'm virtually in another world and can forget everything around me.

Even today, I can hardly wait to get home after a shoot. If time permits, I immediately read out the memory card to at least take a quick look at the raw files. I do this, of course, to back up the data, but also because I'm still curious every time.

I have been a wedding photographer in Frankfurt since 2014 and regularly accompany wedding couples on their big day. In the same year, Erik also came into my life. Luckily, I was able to infect him with my passion for photography, so that today we are available as a team of photographers and Erik is also available as a videographer on your big day. 

We are at your disposal all over Germany, in Tuscany and on Mallorca! Here we simply know the best spots!

Facts about Lea

CEO & Photographer

  • Absolute wine lover & loves Italian food.
  • Loves summer holidays and the mountains.
  • Often dreamy and thoughtful.
  • Baking is her yoga.
  • Fan of sustainable consumption.
  • Loves dogs.
  • Extremely curly and straightens her hair almost every morning.
  • Friends and family are very important to her.
  • Is not a fan of small talk, but likes to talk about ideas and visions.
  • Always open to new things.
Wedding Photographer Frankfurt
Wedding Photographer Frankfurt

Facts about Erik


  • A teacher by profession, Lea has always supported photography.
  • Big fan of technology (e.g. his drone) and software.
  • Loves Mallorca, South Tyrol and Tuscany.
  • Always been sporty, skis and wakeboards, does fitness and plays disc golf.
  • The best way to switch off is in the sauna.
  • Sometimes thinks too long before starting something.
  • But when he starts something, he also wants to finish it (successfully) - even if it takes time.
  • Rejoices when his fellow human beings are doing well.
  • He feels particularly comfortable in a cosy atmosphere.
  • Not only eats almost everything, he also tastes almost everything 😉
Wedding Photographer Frankfurt
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"Photographs capture a moment that's gone forever, impossible to reproduce."

- Karl Lagerfeld



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