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Question & Answer on Getting Ready

In this article I would like to give you a few tips for your Getting Ready on your wedding day. In the last 7 years, I have accompanied many bridal couples on their Getting Ready and can therefore tell you from experience what you should ideally pay attention to.

The morning of the big wedding day usually starts with a Getting Ready in a beautiful hotel room. There, the bride transforms into a magical bride. For most brides, it is a good idea to celebrate this moment and have it photographed.

1. why it makes sense to include the getting ready in the wedding reportage

As a wedding photographer, I am a huge fan of getting ready pictures and would definitely recommend having this event photographed. Of course, the coverage time on the wedding day can also be distributed differently, for example, you can order the photographer later and have a bit more shots of the party in the evening. Capturing both is ideal, of course, but if you have to choose between Getting Ready and the party, I would definitely lean towards Getting Ready. There are several reasons for this: For one thing, there is simply a very special atmosphere here already in the morning or forenoon with a very high emotional value. Everyone is full of anticipation and excitement - you can definitely capture some authentic and emotional moments. I usually plan 1.5-2 hours for a Getting Ready, so that not only pictures of putting on the wedding dress can be taken. In this time frame there is usually also enough time to take pictures of details such as bridal jewellery, perfume and other accessories. And of course, in this case, pictures of the styling & make-up will not be missing. Such a series of pictures is particularly effective in photo reportages and in photo albums at the end and contributes a great deal to the fact that one can relive the day when looking at the pictures.


2. how to find a suitable location for the bride & groom getting ready?

Often there is a little time pressure during the bridal couple shoot on the wedding day itself and the couples are accordingly in a hurry. This is absolutely understandable, because you don't want to keep your guests waiting for long. Don't misunderstand: We definitely think that you should do a little shooting on the wedding day itself in order to really capture real memories of this day. However, as we said, time is usually on your back, so the whole atmosphere is much more relaxed with an after wedding shoot. This is also due to the fact that you simply have a lot on your mind on the day of your wedding: what you don't want to forget, who you absolutely want to talk to and whether everything will work out as planned. All these thoughts occupy you and add to the time aspect.

The After Wedding Shootings are scheduled for a good two hours, during which you can take lots of great bridal couple pictures in a relaxed and stress-free atmosphere. And these two hours feel much longer than two hours on your wedding day.

3. who should be present at a wedding getting ready?

Of course, this is a very individual topic and basically every bride should decide for herself. Nevertheless, I am happy to give you a recommendation:

It's best to share this moment with your closest friends or family so that you can still enjoy the preparations. This works best in a small but nice group. If you have more than 5 people with you, make sure that the space is big enough to spread everything out so that there is not too much noise, bustle and mess in the room. Of course, if you have bridesmaids, it's nice to have them in the Getting Ready pictures already too. Alternatively, if there is not enough space in the room for them, they can be called in at a specific time or the pictures can be taken outdoors instead. We will find out together what is best in your case.

4. what does the bride wear at the Getting Ready?

Absolutely classic are mostly short satin coats for the bride. These are available in all imaginable beautiful colours, with or without prints. If there are bridesmaids, it makes sense to take the bride's satin coat in a different colour. Light shirts are also popular here. Light slippers or even nice flip-flops are often suitable footwear. For example, you can buy Etsy discover a lot of inspiration on the subject.


If you are interested in accompanying your Getting Ready's in the form of a wedding reportage, we would be happy to hear from you. 


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