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Wedding photography in winter is rather a rarity, but it can still be realised in a modern and stylish way. Here we were in Darmstadt at Kranichstein Castle. As it was really extremely cold, the lake of the property was so thickly frozen that we could easily do a little shoot on the ice. These pictures are really unique. Finding a wedding photographer is now high on the list of priorities for most couples. In this day and age, digital photography makes it possible to capture a bride and groom's entire day in many different scenes. Fortunately, memory cards are bigger than the old films. Wedding reportages from getting ready to the ceremony are particularly popular because it is no longer just about the classic bride and groom shoot. This is of course a very important aspect of the day, but reportage photography also allows for many unnoticed, spontaneous and above all authentic shots. These are taken during e.g. getting ready, wedding ceremony, congratulations, champagne reception, guests sitting together and the celebration in the evening. It makes it possible to capture the "real moments" when the bride and groom and guests usually don't even realise that they are being photographed. These are often our favourite pictures, because here we often manage to capture the true and authentic emotions.

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In principle, we try to take as few pictures as possible for reportages, which we usually succeed in doing. Of course, there are exceptions, such as the group and family pictures and the bridal couple shoot. Nevertheless, spontaneous and moving pictures are also possible here. However, if you want to have classic group pictures, you have to reckon with some organisation so that all the guests can be arranged appropriately. We are happy to give you tips on how to achieve this in the shortest possible time and with as little stress as possible. The same applies to the bridal couple shoot, because here, too, a lot of spontaneous pictures can be taken in motion. Here we have many ideas and tips for poses that can be easily and uncomplicatedly implemented on location during the shooting.

Wedding photography in Kranichstein

In the rooms of the hotel there is the possibility to photograph e.g. the Getting Ready for bride and groom. Wedding ceremonies can be held in the chapel or in the outdoor area. The hall for the dinner and the celebration in the evening leaves nothing to be desired. Almost every corner of the hunting lodge can be used for bridal couple and family photos. The entire grounds are beautifully planted and very well maintained. We are always very happy to be able to accompany bridal couples here. The party at this wedding was very large. Therefore, the celebration had to take place outside, so the pictures of the evening are not from the castle.

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Kranichstein Hunting Lodge has various areas for celebrating and its own small chapel for the wedding ceremony. The grounds are suitable for beautiful bridal couple pictures in many places.
Information on getting married at Kranichstein Hunting Lodge can be found here:
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"Photographs capture a moment that's gone forever, impossible to reproduce."

- Karl Lagerfeld



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