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Civil weddings at Haus Rosenbrunn in the Palmengarten take place from May to September, with a few exceptions, always on Fridays between 9:00 and 13:00.

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This beautiful wedding hall not only has large windows and bright walls, but also a full glass roof. The resulting incidence of light makes the small hall perfect for photography. Haus Rosenbrunn is a neoclassical pavilion that stands in the middle of a magnificent rose garden that has been there since 1998. The Palmengarten itself has just celebrated its 150th anniversary, having been delighting Frankfurt residents and visitors since 1871. After the wedding ceremony, it is not only Haus Rosenbrunn that is a popular place for bridal couple pictures. The entire palm garden, with its many different facets, offers numerous photo motifs for the wedding day. In addition to old trees, large meadows and various flower beds, there are also several small lakes. But even in the event of rain on the wedding day, the palm trees and greenhouses offer enough alternative options to ensure stylish wedding pictures. Palm garden - Frankfurt - wedding. The three terms simply fit together perfectly and will certainly ensure a memorable wedding day, which we are happy to accompany. If you are interested in a wedding at the Palmengarten or would like to contact us directly, you can find more information here:
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