Baby bump pictures

Anticipation is the best joy...

...especially when a new family member is on the way! Besides wedding portraits, we also love to take baby bump pictures that are elegant and reflect our style of photography. Here, too, we love to photograph so-called homestories or to use the most beautiful outdoor locations in the area. For such baby bump shoots, we are usually on the road in Frankfurt am Main and the surrounding area.

When is the best time for a shoot?

Your baby bump should of course be nice and round at the time of your shoot, but not so round that your offspring could come at any moment. We usually recommend a baby bump shoot from the 30th week of pregnancy until before the 35th week at the latest. Of course, a shooting shortly before the end of pregnancy is also possible, but of course it depends on your own well-being.

Professional baby bump pictures not only provide a beautiful memory, but you can always recall the feelings of that time when looking at the pictures. Happiness, anticipation, curiosity: when you look at the baby bump photos, it's all there again ūüôā
Since the end of 2021, we have increasingly specialised in baby bump pictures. For this reason, from now on you also have the possibility to borrow beautiful pregnancy dresses in different colours from us for the shooting. If you would like to borrow dresses from us, please mention this in your enquiry. We will then be happy to show you which options are available.

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"Photographs capture a moment that's gone forever, impossible to reproduce."

- Karl Lagerfeld



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